Rehab Osteopath Experience

At the Rehab Osteopath, the individual comes first.  Time is taken to hear the patient’s experience and then a thorough examination is applied.  Patients leave with answers; they are told the source of their symptoms, their prognosis, and steps in the healing process.

With the use of diagnostic testing, manual therapy, medicine prescriptions, nutritional advice, supplement scripts, and an exercise plan, we can create a bridge to recovery.

You don't have to live with pain or dysfunction!

You don't have to live with pain or dysfunction.  Be able to work again, play again, enjoy life again.  Come see an osteopathic physical medicine and rehabilitation doctor and return to function.  Our goal is to empower the client to reach his or her optimal level of function and health. Our appointments are ideal for sport specific or general injury rehab.  Though, they are not restricted to just “injury rehab” as in many cases people have muscular tension or strength imbalances leading to tightness, discomfort and pain.

What is a DO?

A doctor of osteopathy is a physician who is trained to look at the whole individual rather than look at just injured parts of the body.   Osteopathic doctors also apply Osteopathic Manual Therapy which is hands on healing focusing on how the body functions as a whole. We are trained to do quick adjustments like a chiropractor, deep work like a massage therapist, and focal tissue work like a physical therapist.  Both DOs and MDs are fully licensed physicians who provide a full range of services, from prescribing drugs to performing surgery. DOs are different in how they approach patient care.

  • They look at the whole person to reach a diagnosis and don’t just focus on symptoms.
  • Their goal is to help the body heal itself.
  • They believe that all parts of the body work together and influence each other.
  • They get special training in evaluating and treating nerves, muscles, and bones.

What is osteopathic manipulative therapy (OMT)?

Osteopathic manipulative therapy is often a critical part of the recovery process.  Includes the full range of manual therapy from subtle techniques such as cranial to more direct techniques such as chiropractic to affect muscles and soft tissue.  OMT increases blood circulation to maintain and restore health while other forms of manipulation tend to focus more on spinal misalignment interfering with nerve transmission.  OMT is the only form of body manipulation performed by a fully licensed physician.

Note: Do not wear jeans or restricted clothing to OMT appointments.

Who can benefit from OMT?

OMT is often used to treat muscle, joint, and nerve pain. I have found good results with:

  • Chronic pain
    • Back pain
    • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
    • Headaches
    • Hip pain
    • Shoulder pain
  • Recent pain issue
  • Muscle strain or joint spraine
    • Concussions
    • Whiplash
    • Pain associated with pregnancy
    • Diaphragm issues and trouble breathing
    • Leg cramping

When appropriate, OMT can complement, and even replace, drugs or surgery. See how when your structure is optimized your function improves.


What is a Physiatrist (Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Doctor)?

Physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R), also known as physiatry or rehabilitation medicine, aims to enhance and restore functional ability and quality of life to those with physical impairments or disabilities affecting the brain, spinal cord, nerves, bones, joints, ligaments, muscles, and tendons.  A physician having completed training in this field is referred to as a physiatrist. Unlike other medical specialties that focus on a medical “cure,” the goals of the physiatrist are to maximize patients’ independence in activities of daily living and improve quality of life.

Physiatrists are experts in designing comprehensive, patient-centered treatment plans, and are integral members of the care team.  They utilize cutting-edge as well as time-tested treatments to maximize function and quality of life for their patients (from website used with permission)

Why did my doctor not recommend a rehab doctor?

Many doctors do not know that general Rehab doctors exist.  There are only 480 rehab doctors that graduate every year in this country and 80% of them do a fellowship and treat only one kind of patient.  Most of these doctors work in big cities and just see: brain injury or spinal cord injury or chronic pain.  These specialist do not understand how conditions overlap and are not as good at seeing the big picture as a generalist.

General rehab doctors are rare.  We help people recover from strokes, concussions, back pain, or respiratory illness.  Osteopathic rehab doctors are even rarer but they especially have the skills to see the whole picture.  If you tell your doctor you want a referral to a PMR doctor, it is likely they will be happy to write one.

Who do we treat?

Dr. Becky Lansky DO treats patients with from injury who are unable to return to their prior level of function or wishes to improve their function. She has had additional training in the following six different patient populations:

  1. Aging muscle/joint complaints are not simply something you have to live with.  Having constant pain is not normal for older people. Your pain is likely not just from age related changes. Pain can happen from muscle imbalances, chemical imbalances, and joint malalignment. Understand that a healthy body is a happy body even if someone is in their 70’s or 80’s.
  2. Cancer survivors have been through a lot of trauma including surgery, chemo, and radiation. Their bodies don’t work the same way after these treatments. Nerve problems, decreased brain function, and muscle imbalance are common.
  3. Brain injury affects much more than cognitive processing.  Brain injury can create a cascade of symptoms that include fatigue, hormonal imbalance, spasticity, and poor coordination.
  4. Joint instability from injury or from a genetic condition.  Instability can benefit from bracing, injections, precise manual therapy, and exercise prescription.
  5. Amputees have more issues than just missing a limb.  Amputees can have pain from surgery and/or phantom sensations. They can also have pain elsewhere associated with leg length discrepancy.
  6. Multiple-trauma from accidents that lead to multiple injuries.  These injuries are best treated with someone who treats the whole body and understands the kinetic chain.

Dr. Becky Lansky DO

Dr. Becky Lansky
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Becky Lansky has always had an interest in health.  As a child, she worked with her mom in one of the early Health Food Coops in the 1970’s. She gained some understanding of the importance of food and supplements.  She has since attended many workshops and read extensively in alternative healing.

Dr. Becky Lansky DO started her career working as an assistant athletic trainer in 1990.  She graduated from massage therapy school in 1993.  She worked as a massage instructor and therapist until 2000.  In 2007, she graduated from University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine. She then went on to do a residency in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.  She trained at University of Pennsylvania to help return people with various ailments back to function.  Through her work Dr. Becky Lansky DO has seen thousands of people and has helped them to return to work, sports, and the activities they love.

Dr. Becky Lansky DO works with all types of patients including survivors of multiple traumas, cancer, and car accidents.  She spends time collaborating with neuropsychologists, psychologists, prosthetists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, acupuncturists, functional medicine doctors and chiropractors.  Through her extensive education and treatment experience she is uniquely qualified to assemble comprehensive treatment plans for optimal healing.

In 2021, she opened a new clinic in Sudbury.  At her new office, she spends time listening to each patient; understanding the musculoskeletal, psychological, and spiritual impact of their injury.  Dr. Becky Lansky DO helps people to understand how to stop the physical and chemical traumatic process. She also teaches her patients that many symptoms are not a sign of further damage, but rather the body’s warning system.  When the individual fears there is damage to the body, the warning system alarms earlier and earlier.  By slightly provoking symptoms, through manual therapy and/or exercise, an individual can improve their tolerance and function.

Dr. Becky Lansky DO is an “old fashion” doctor who believes in nutrition, exercise, and sleep to help the body heal.  She believes that sometimes with medications, supplements, and exercise that less can be more. She treats many of her patients with manual therapy.  Patients receive individualized treatments so that they can achieve the best results.  These plans take some work to formulate as we get to know each other but most people experience benefits in weeks.

My Mission

We provide comprehensive, compassionate and integrative care to individuals struggling with decreased function and annoying symptoms.  Our goal is to treat patients with respect and help them to rebuild a healthy and productive life.

Services We Offer

Special Tools To Jump Start Your Healing Process

    Watching you run, walk, or perform exercises allows me to see how to improve your body's function. It is important to not just assess the body standing but in motion.
    I have been trained to help you qualify for orthotics, braces, walkers, or whatever else you might need to assist your function.
    Whole body assessment and then treatment with a variety of hands on techniques from spinal adjustments to cranial sacral treatment.
    Transdermal (through the skin) pain scripts, low dose naltrexone, and bio-identical hormones.
    Lidocaine only injections to release long held muscle tension. 1-3 treatments stops pattern of holding.
    Release of scar tissue to reduce pain and increase range of motion. She can be done with lidocaine and occasionally with steroids.
    Static (standing) and dynamic balance with walking or standing on a balance board.  Can work through several tests to determine if balance problems are coming from your neck, ears, eyes, or peripheral nerves in the lower extremities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Insurance Carriers
Harvard Pilgrim
Harvard Pilgrim Stride Plan
AllWays Health
Tufts Medicare Preferred
Tufts Senior Care options
Fallon, Direct and Select plans
Commonwealth Care

We Do Not Take: Network Health, Cigna, and BMC Health Net

Most insurances require a referral from your primary care. It is to your advantage to avoid possible charges to request one before your first patient appointment. Your need for a referral is based off your insurance plan type:

  1. If your insurance is a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plan you will definitely need a referral from your Primary care. Examples of HMO plans include: Harvard Pilgrim Primary Choice Plan, Health New England, Neighborhood Health Plan, Health New England MedPlus, Tufts Health Plan Medicare Complement and Tufts Health Plan Medicare Preferred.
  2. If your insurance is a Point of Service (POS) plan you will also need a referral. Examples of POS plans include: Harvard Pilgrim Independence Plan and Tufts Health Plan Navigator.
  3. If your insurance is an Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO) or Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) you do not need a referral. Examples of EPO and PPO plans include: Tufts Health Plan Spirit, UniCare State Indemnity Plan/Community Choice, and UniCare State Indemnity Plan/PLUS.

When in doubt please call your insurance to confirm if you will need a referral.

Initial appointments run from 45 minutes to an hour depending on the complexity of your medical history. Follow up appointments run from 30 to 45 minutes.

Monday - 9:00 am to 4:30 pm
Tuesday - 9:00 am to 5:30 pm
Wednesday - 8:30 am to 12:30 pm
Thursday - 9:00 am to 5:30 pm
Friday - 9:00 am to 4:30 pm

DO’s are fully licensed in all 50 states to practice the full spectrum of Medical and Surgical specialties. Their training includes the completion of 4 years of Osteopathic medical school, covering the same standard training in the basic sciences and clinical medicine as is found in an MD medical education program. Osteopathic training includes the study of all branches of medicine and surgery that are part of an MD’s training, as well as up to 500 hours of additional training in manual diagnosis and treatment. Today, there are more than 50,000 osteopathic physicians in the United States whose practices cover the entire range of specialties, such as emergency medicine, neurosurgery, cardiology, and psychiatry.

OMM involves the use of a hands-on approach to treating healthcare issues. One of the underlying Principles involved is that as the structure of the body approaches its normal state of balance and freedom of motion, it will also approach its optimal ability to function normally. OMM addresses restrictions in all of the tissues, fluids, organs, and physiologic systems of the body.

There are a wide variety of modalities of OMM, which range from very gentle to more vigorous approaches, but all are applied with very little force. Whatever techniques are used, we are still looking for the Health within our patients and are working to support their innate capacity for healing. Therefore, we will always apply treatment with respect for your comfort and for the needs of your system.

Typically, patients feel very relaxed and peaceful after a treatment. Occasionally patients experience one or two days of feeling tired or mildly sore. This is normal and can indicate that the treatment process is continuing. These symptoms typically are mild and respond easily to conservative measures such as heat, rest, and fluids. In the unlikely event that they are severe or persistent, we recommend that you contact our office.

We provide high-quality medical care to patients from teenagers to adults. We will occasionally see 12 year olds. We regularly see 13-18 year olds even those with special needs.


Patient Statements About Dr. Becky Lansky DO

"I can't thank you enough for providing such a superb, professional and compassionate care for the past year. I've never worked with someone who can synthesize so many modalities in their treatment yet convey and apply them in a way that is clear and helpful. I wondered if anyone existed with such a full scope of tools in her "medicine bag". How grateful I have been to find you." - Joanne Jaffin

"Seeing Dr. Becky Lansky DO gave me clarity in regards to my healing process and peace of mind. Her insights helped me understand and pace my self so that I continue to heal and function more actively in the world. She was a wealth of knowledge, great respect for each individual patient." - Jacqueline Rosenbloom

"Just to say what a wonderful, unforgettable, fabulous experience I have had with your care and attentive, effective treatment. It felt like a miracle. Then it was a miracle. Dr. Becky Lansky DO asked all sorts of questions about my medical history and about the concussion specifically and about my symptoms. It felt like finally there was someone looking at the whole picture and not just isolated parts of me." - Daria Fisk

"I cant tell you how grateful and blessed I feel to have crossed paths with you. You have a special gift, not only as a healer, but as a listener. We really need more doctors like you! And its because of you that I am recently able to do more, and on another path to recovery. I am eternally grateful to you." - June

"Doctors with the true mission to care, truly care, at your level are desperately hard to come by. The mere fact that you took my whole self into consideration vs throwing me on meds is a testament to who you are." - Janet

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